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Find Your Ideal Space

When we outgrow our current living, working, or investing space, it’s time to move onto bigger and better things. Combined Realty Services is ready to help you find and buy your new dream space—whether it’s a spacious home for your growing family, a larger office building for a booming business, or a special plot of land to develop.

How Does It Work ?

Combined Realty Services - NYC & Long Island

Step 1

Free Consultation

Our expert agents sit down with you to discuss everything you’re looking for in your real estate investment. We get to know you, the type of home or property you’re looking to buy, your budget, and the desired location.

Combined Realty Services - NYC & Long Island

Step 2

Property Search

Based on our consultation, our team finds the best available homes and properties within your budget and specifications.

Combined Realty Services - NYC & Long Island

Step 3

Tour Potential Properties

After you’ve reviewed the descriptions of suggested properties, our agents arrange for you to take a tour of the locations.

Combined Realty Services - NYC & Long Island

Step 4

Put in a Bid

When you fall in love with a specific home or property, we assist on the bidding process and do everything we can to negotiate and secure the property on your behalf.

Design your Dream

Sometimes the perfect option doesn’t exist just yet. In these cases, we help our clients create their ideal space.
With our design and contracting expertise, we can:

  • » Assess and remodel a property to better fit your specifications
  • » Offer suggestions on how to maximize any space or investment
  • » Design and build your dream home from scratch

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